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Waiting for the U: The Bureaucracy of Obtaining Police Certifications for U-Visas

There is an art to navigating any government office or department. I would imagine this holds true in any country. That art is developed through careful research and creating social networks, so when the research is unavailable, you can always “ask around.” In particular, this “asking around” is all too common when trying to navigate […]

International Students in Canada:  the invisible temporary migrants

by Gunjan Sondhi Reliance on ‘temporary migrants’ to fill labour market shortages is not a new strategy for Canada. The Temporary Foreigner Workers (TFW) Program has long been criticised and scrutinised by scholars and migrant community supporters. Such programs locate temporary migrants within a precarious legal status and have been seen as creating a racialized underclass. […]

Canada’s guest worker problem: Just not going away

When pundits sit down to write the story of the fall of Stephen Harper’s government, will it include the image of a middle-aged waitress from small-town Canada, fighting back tears after losing her job to foreign workers? At the very least, it will register as a turning point, the moment when a long-simmering immigration policy […]

Migrationist Monthly: Germany Edition

March has been a month of decisions and dispute on migration in Germany. The most discussed event has been the tabling of a draft bill on dual citizenship by the ruling coalition of Conservatives (CDU) and Social Democrats (SPD) at the end of last week. Previously, children born in Germany to non-German parents were issued […]

A review of the latest statistics: how likely is it that UK net migration will reach 100,000 by 2015?

By Louise Duthie On Friday 27 February the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released their Migration Statistics Quarterly Report which brings together statistics from the ONS, Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions to monitor net migration. This report is used by central and local government as well as the health sector for planning […]

Canada, do we need to talk?

Chris Friesen speaks softly over the phone from Vancouver, but the pride in his voice is unmistakable. The director of settlement for Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia, Friesen is finalizing the paperwork for a permit to build a $24 million, 58,000 sq ft Welcome Centre for refugees and other immigrants on a piece of […]

The Quick and Dirty of the American Immigration Bill (S.744)

The momentum of the post 2012 election season has brought us to this point: an actual bipartisan bill coming out of the American Congressional system. If that wasn’t shocking enough in the context of the past decade of filibusters and stubborn partisanship resulting in letting things like the sequester happen, this bipartisan bill is an […]

Making up the numbers: UK student immigration policy since May 2010

By Rebecca Partos Since its 2010 formation, the UK’s coalition government has made reforms to migration in four policy areas: economic migration, international students, asylum and family migrants. Students have been the victims of particularly punitive measures – despite their substantial contribution to the UK in socio-economic terms. The governing parties, the Conservatives and the […]

How 2,000 international students in the UK (almost) got deported

Illegal alien, irregular migrant, sans papier, undocumented migrants, or unauthorized migrants; people without proper immigration status go by a lot of names in the media, in public debate, and in policy documents. Just have a look at this graph surveying the prevalence of these terms in English-language books from 1800 to 2008. Despite all of […]