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World Refugee Day 2013: Moving beyond trauma, honoring resilience

Contemporary public discourses of “the refugee” conjure images of sprawling, squalid camps, of huddled passengers on flimsy boats, of malnourished bodies and hollow eyes. Everyone knows “the refugee” is dispossessed and disempowered, trapped  in limbo and confined to the margins of the global system of nation-states. But today we are celebrating World Refugee Day, and […]

Looking beyond the law: the insanity of refugee status determination

Is promoting the Refugee Convention a massive waste of time? As long as international refugee law is transposed at the national level to the personal and unreviewable judgements of adjudicators within quasi or non-judicial settings, such advocacy barely scratches the surface. So it follows that scrutinising the asylum adjudication process must be an urgent matter. But how to […]