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Why all media outlets need to follow Al Jazeera’s example and start talking about Europe’s ‘refugee crisis’ right now

A couple of weeks back, Al Jazeera announced its new editorial policy to no longer use the word ‘migrant’ in the context of the European ‘migrant crisis’ and instead, use the term ‘refugee’. The justification for the decision, as stridently articulated by Al Jazeera’s online editor Barry Malone, is that: ‘The umbrella term migrant…has evolved […]

What are we talking about when we talk about migrants?

As a journalist I’ve long been fascinated by the interplay between public opinion, politics and migration policy, and you can’t unpack the complexities of public opinion without talking about how migrants are portrayed in the media, as Amy Clarke noted here last month. What we read or hear feeds our world view, but the exact […]

The Second Generation: ‘Migrants’ or ‘Natives’?

My Dad was born in London. My Mum was born in Surrey. I was born with a British passport to British-English parents who themselves were born of British parents (albeit my grandmother came from the exotic depths of Scotland). In a global context of inequality mine is a position of privilege but that didn’t stop […]