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Making up the numbers: UK student immigration policy since May 2010

By Rebecca Partos Since its 2010 formation, the UK’s coalition government has made reforms to migration in four policy areas: economic migration, international students, asylum and family migrants. Students have been the victims of particularly punitive measures – despite their substantial contribution to the UK in socio-economic terms. The governing parties, the Conservatives and the […]

Giving students a taste of migration: 25 years of ERASMUS

I await the train that will return me to a county They say that it is my country, the land where I belong But how then do I feel so at ease here? I have grown roots in this soil Is this not also my land, my city, my home? (Written on the journey ‘home’ […]

How 2,000 international students in the UK (almost) got deported

Illegal alien, irregular migrant, sans papier, undocumented migrants, or unauthorized migrants; people without proper immigration status go by a lot of names in the media, in public debate, and in policy documents. Just have a look at this graph surveying the prevalence of these terms in English-language books from 1800 to 2008. Despite all of […]