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Sydney in winter. The brisk, bracing chill of a clear blue morning in early July (yes, northern hemisphere reader, July), which will quickly warm up to a comfy twenty degrees centigrade[1] before midday. Even so, Sydneysiders will stay bundled in their sweaters and scarves, thinking this is what winter feels like. To me it feels […]

Still Waiting

James Tissot’s Waiting for the Train (Willesden Junction) is one of the small treasures of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in New Zealand. It’s a panel painting depicting a young woman at a London station about to depart for a long stay somewhere. Most viewers are immediately struck by her gaze: not haughty exactly, but […]

In the Fingertips

Ask a New Zealander about my hometown, Dunedin, and she might mention the beautiful setting, the stately old buildings, or the royal albatross colony. One thing she’ll certainly mention: the cold. It’s not really that cold here—we get two or three snowfalls a year, usually gone by midday—it’s just that it’s colder here than most […]

Coming In To Land

If you’ve ever arrived at Auckland International Airport, perhaps you’ve followed the green line: the strip of green-paint walkway that takes you between the international and domestic terminals in about ten minutes. Returning to New Zealand, I almost look forward to it. After the anxiety and half-sleep of a trans-ocean flight, the bleary-eyed queuing, questioning, […]

Not the Penny Lane You Knew

If a Liverpool cityscape springs to mind, it surely includes the Three Graces: the trio of grand, century-old buildings that line the Pier Head. Liverpool’s waterfront sentinels no longer tower over their neighbors as they did even a decade ago. To the south, they’ve been joined by the limestone Museum of Liverpool and the dark […]