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No dominance: an interview with Rozália Brestyánszki-Boros

Fourteen years ago a tall and slender young woman – with hippy-like long, straight hair that has still remained her distinctive mark – worked at the staging of an international performance of Antigone in Hungary. This young woman had a deep comprehension of the text and, at the same time, undertook all the practical tasks […]

South-South Migration: Why it’s bigger than we think, and why we should care

In 2013, Time Magazine published a piece called “Migration Trends of the Future.” At first glance, the title suggests that perhaps the article will reveal big changes in future patterns of human movement. Upon further reading, the article predicts very little, just that in future years, people will continue to enter America as a means […]

The Artist as Global Citizen: Cai Guo-Qiang in Brisbane

In the mid 1990s I taught English in Xiamen, a coastal city in southern China. Xiamen (also known as Amoy) has a lovely subtropical climate, and today it’s a favourite holiday spot among the Chinese. But from 1842 to the Second World War, it was a treaty port. After the First Opium War, the British […]