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Amid Failed “Re-Nationalization” Efforts, Tens of Thousands of Longstanding Dominican Nationals Fear Mass Deportation

By Seth Garfinkel For many, the Dominican Republic is a luxury vacation destination with cruise ships, all-inclusive beach resorts, and a training ground for Major League Baseball. But off the pitching mounds and outside the gated hotels, conflict troubles the Caribbean island. With the implementation of an immigration policy that human rights groups see as […]

Changes to Citizenship in the Dominican Republic: the Denationalization of a Generation– or Two or Three or Four

by Seth Garfinkel A child of Haitian immigrants, Juliana Deguis was born in the Dominican Republic in 1984. At the time, the question of her citizenship was not a question at all: as established in the 1929 Dominican Constitution, anyone born in the Dominican Republic would be considered a Dominican citizen. However, in 2008, when Juliana […]