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Love, Lies and Borderlines

Many years ago, a friend in Europe told me her brother was about to commit marriage fraud. Only we would never have called it that. We were in our 20s and thought it compassionate and noble, not fraudulent, that a gay man was marrying a straight female friend to secure her status in a certain […]

Should we be worried about the global migration arms race?

  By Tendayi Bloom As the smoke dispersed from New Year’s fireworks displays around the world at the start of 2015, the realities of the migration arms race were playing out. In the Mediterranean on the 31st December and 2nd January, two unmanned cargo ships full of people were left to drift towards Europe. In […]

Firmly in Federal Hands: Shifting Immigration Policy and Local Control

The federalist structure of the United States has long complicated immigration policy.  Since Capitol Hill has failed to contemplate, let alone pass, comprehensive immigration reform since the Clinton era, the involvement of states and localities in immigration control has risen.  While the doctrine of federal preemption regarding immigration matters was reaffirmed this past June with […]

2012 – A(nother) year of ups and downs at the UK Border Agency

It’s been a tumultuous year for UKBA to say the least. After the fiasco over suspended checks and fingerprinting of non-EU nationals in 2011, and the subsequent resignation of Brodie Clark, surely 2012 would be a better year for UKBA? But a year on, as 2012 draws to a close the UK Border Agency continues […]