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When Welcoming Communities Spark Change

In the news of the unaccompanied minors flooding into the United States this year, it would be easy to focus on how the arrival of thousands of children has sparked a backlash from overwhelmed border communities. The numbers are staggering, the needs extensive – how can people cope? But there’s another way to look at […]

What do we teach children about immigration?

While the U.S. political machine is stalled as House Republicans refuse to put comprehensive immigration reform up for a vote, pro-immigrant and refugee organizations like Welcoming America take on the huge task of involving communities in immigrant integration. These efforts, focused on community-based approaches such as public awareness campaigns, community engagement, and increased education, aim […]

Why is Immigrant Integration Important?

When states and municipalities pass and implement anti-immigrant legislation, they are an example of cutting off the nose to spite the face. Arizona did this with S.B. 1070, Alabama did it with H.B 56, and Georgia did it with H.B. 87. Families, communities, and economies within those states suffered as a result. In these instances, […]