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Considering Englishness on St George’s Day

In 2011, the UK Census included a question about national identity for the first time. That is, the extent to which people self-identify in relation to a nation. The results showed the growing salience of Britain’s identities: Scottish, Welsh and English. Yet these identities are experienced differently by Britain’s different migrant and ethnic communities. As […]

Of Human Triage: Immigrant Categories and Economic Rationales

Immigration reform is all the rage in Washington these days, but if broad consensus exists for generally overhauling the system, it unfortunately falls apart in the details. The President and the Senate may have fairly similar plans, but the early House discussions have reflected an entirely different perception of the problem. So much of the […]

The Second Generation: ‘Migrants’ or ‘Natives’?

My Dad was born in London. My Mum was born in Surrey. I was born with a British passport to British-English parents who themselves were born of British parents (albeit my grandmother came from the exotic depths of Scotland). In a global context of inequality mine is a position of privilege but that didn’t stop […]