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Lollipops, lottery tickets and life lessons: Kim’s convenience and the immigrant shopkeeper experience

Growing up amid the brick bungalows and post-war split-levels of suburban Ottawa, Hillsview Confectionery was where we brought our precious coins to buy all things sugary and tantalizing, from Jawbreakers to Mars bars to Frito Lay salt and vinegar chips. It’s where our parents nipped in for a litre of milk or sent us to […]

In and Out of Hungary: Migration Trends in a Central-European Country

A small Central-European country with an isolated language, frustrating historical background and escalating political affairs, Hungary has lately become a territory of constantly rewritten narratives of nation and migration. Although migration is of low intensity in Hungary, the topic itself is likely to become of increasing importance in a country with less than 10 million […]

Diversity versus solidarity: an introduction to the debate

It often feels that not a day goes by without migration appearing in the news, or being the topic of debate on television or radio. For those of us fascinated by these debates it can be exhausting, especially when the same questions come up time and time again. One such dilemma is the supposed dichotomy […]

Dissecting the relationship between integration and ‘Britishness’

According to the recently published State of the Nation Report, by think-tank British Future, a majority of the British public “reject the idea that a shared society must demand cultural assimilation”. Instead those surveyed understood “respect for the law, for the freedom of speech, and the ability to speak English” to be the foundations for […]

Color Me English

I chose this book for the reflection of the author’s experiences in my own.  Caryl Phillips was born in one country, moved to the United Kingdom as an infant, grew up there, and relocated to the United States as an adult.  I was born in Canada, moved to the United States as an infant, grew […]