Passionate about immigration and want to go to events with others passionate about immigration?  Below are some events that we know about.
E-mail us at to let us know about events in your town.

Washington, D.C.

DC Immigration Happy Hour
A monthly happy hour in Washington, D.C.
Go here for more information and to get on their listserv

Tips to Start Your Own

  1. Choose what kind of event you want (e.g., happy hour, brunch, roast) and determine the frequency of the event (once, monthly, bi-weekly).
  2. Get a web presence – either an official Meetup (may cost money), webpage, or a google document that will allow you to share a link to others and easily update it with changes/future events.
  3. Publicize & Gather:  e-mail people you think might be interested and tell them to forward the information on to people that they think might be interested.  Gather the contact information of people who are interested (like in a google form).
  4. Contact a venue and make sure it’s okay if (x) amount of people show up.
  5. Let the people who said they were interested know the venue, date, and time.
  6. Advertise:  Let us know, let social media know, etc.
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