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“We don’t see the emotional needs”: Caring for Young Children in Refugee Camps

The world’s refugee crisis is not getting any smaller. In 2013, there were 10.4 million people around the world with the designation “of concern to the UNHCR” – a group of people usually known as refugees, in addition 4.8 million people in the Middle East were cared for by the UNRWA. As always these numbers […]

Migration and the European elections: a view from Copenhagen

Outside my office window a new Copenhagen University building is going up: cranes swirling, high-pitched whistles and flashes of neon safety jackets. I’ve already taken to calling the building the tower of Babel – if you look here you can see why. Numerous workers waiting outside the gates of the construction site wait to be […]

Feeding the flames: Golden Dawn and the extreme right in Western Europe

The current recession is taking its toll across Europe, unemployment is rising and the bite of austerity measures is increasingly being felt amongst Europeans, particularly the young, old, the unemployed and the chronically ill or disabled. The recession also seems to have reignited Europe’s extreme right. The success both electorally as well as on ideologically of Golden […]

Mobility: Past, Present and Future – Inevitable and Desirable?

Exceptional People – How migration shaped our world and will define our future Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron and Merra Balarajan, 2011, Princeton Press: Princeton. | Exceptional People – How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future – the 2011 book by Economist and Professor Ian Goldin, Researcher Geoffrey Cameron and Dr […]

International Migrants Day: a cause for celebration?

International AIDS Day, International Women’s Day, and International Labour Day – you might have heard of these but many of you have probably never heard of the 18th of December as International Migrants Day[1] (IMD). One of countless official UN holidays. IMD is also one of the youngest UN days as it has only been […]

How 2,000 international students in the UK (almost) got deported

Illegal alien, irregular migrant, sans papier, undocumented migrants, or unauthorized migrants; people without proper immigration status go by a lot of names in the media, in public debate, and in policy documents. Just have a look at this graph surveying the prevalence of these terms in English-language books from 1800 to 2008. Despite all of […]